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Principle Investigator
David S. March, Ph.D.

My research broadly seeks to understand the implicit social cognitive mechanisms guiding how people process information. Specifically,my research revolves around how people preferentially and uniquely process threats to physical harm. I have developed a theoretical model, the Dual Implicit Process Model, that integrates threat and social cognitive literatures to explicate a speed and strength difference between the implicit processing of threats to immediate bodily harm versus all other classes of stimuli.

The model offers a number of testable insights for various fields of study involving both threat responses and later (but still automatic) evaluative processing. For example, I have current lines of research of that explore the unique role of threat versus valence in underlying certain types of prejudice. I also apply this same threat/valence division to other exploring phenomena where a functional distinction is plausible, including, for example, phobias, intimate partner violence, and even suicide.

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Graduate Students

Vincenzo Olivett

Broadly, I am interested in how threat response and implicit evaluation pervade everyday social interactions. Currently, I am exploring the role of automatic threat response and implicit attitudes in civilians’ perceptions of the police, and how these processes may shape behavior during civilian-police encounters.


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Current Lab Coordinator

Jalen Blocker


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